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How old were you when you found the lump ? Does your family has a history of breast cancer ? Thanks.

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Sorry you had to go through all of that. And I'm glad you're ok now. Interesting fact about the negative on the gene mutation .... Must be some other unknown gene or something. Ever thought about 23 and me ? Not that they would find anything at the moment but they use the data to find new stuff if you know what I mean.

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Hi I just had a baby girl. She is 2 weeks old. We live in the US. I'm Brazilian , Portuguese is my native language and I speak English with an accent ( and I commit a few mistakes ). My husband is American and his second language is Portuguese ( also with an accent and commits some mistakes ).

Our idea is: I speak Portuguese exclusively to the baby and he speaks English exclusively ..so the baby would not get any accent or wrong grammar from either of us. Basically we would speak our native languages.

What do you think ? Also... We often switch between languages when we talk to each other. Should we avoid that ? What language should we use when we speak to each other ?