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Would you ever sing "when a man loves a man" to help promote LGBT Equal Rights and post it to "It Gets Better?"

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Politically-- do Democrats or Republicans have more of a sense of humor and of the two which personalities have had the most extreme reactions to your humor? Have you found one person where you hit a nerve with that you can keep going for them?

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Does our generation stand a chance at fixing the broken system and broke government we are facing? David Brooks said we are "screwed" to #waywire-- do you agree?

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Who are the top 2 new congressional and top 2 new senatorial leaders to watch who would be inclined to pick up where McCain-Feingold left off on campaign finance reform and how do we get them to do an AMA?

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would you have released the information that richard engel was being held hostage on air in today's age of instant information & feedback?