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aluminum_musher36 karma

What can be done to make drug policy reform less toxic for politicians to embrace? When I was running for State Senate a few years ago I kept my opinion about this to myself - left it out of the campaign website and brochures. But when asked face to face I had some really positive discussions with voters. My political support experts advised me to not talk about this at all because it would just give my opponent another thing to bash me with. How do we get past this, especially in politically conservative areas where being tougher on law & order issues seems to gain votes for politicians?

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There are several groups that are working for a more-sane drug policy in the United States, including the old standby NORMAL and the Marijuana Policy Project. What separates your group from the others, and why should I financially support your group?

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Yes, I think if I was running this year I would be using those kind of arguments to make the point that our current drug policy is just wrong.