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Edge as it stands now holds the claim for better battery life than things like Firefox or Chrome, what's the plan for meeting this claim with the browser switching over to a Chromium-base? Interested to see what parts can be optimized!

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What new and exciting stuff is in store for WebForms? There is a lot of MVC hype happening these days and I like to see new and exciting things still happening for WebForms.

You 3 are rockstars and love everything you do. Keep up the great work.

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Do you plan on bleeding anything else from MVC over or is that about as far as WebForms can go at this point?

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Has there been a moment on GameGrumps / Steam Train where you have been legitimately upset with any of your team, on or off camera?

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Scott, what's been going on with Luvvie and episodes of Ratchet and the Geek?