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Marv's spaghetti?

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When relevancy is a sin. ^

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Hey Mr. Hoegee,

I've just watched the trailer for Niko, very awesome concept, a fully animated comic book. It reminds me a bit of The Dark Crystal story, but amped up.

I've been considering optioning / trying to sell a feature live-action comedy script to Amazon Studios.. I realize you were backed by Kickstarter for that project as well, but do you have any advice for when I'm ready to submit my script / pitch to them? It could be also work as a series pilot so maybe that is more your territory.

Anyway, Stay cool

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Crtl + F : Michael Keaton = No results

I missed the party, but just in case, Prom Queen was one of the most touching moments of last season, and I think your talent is unsung and a breath of fresh air for the show.. the likes of Smigel and Samberg as far as pre-filmed content goes. The king of creative awkward.

Did Mr. Keaton just totally go for the skit? That was a wild episode. Also this is kind of rude but I think you should audition for a role in the Beetlejuice sequel. I think the chemistry would be amazing, and you are exactly the sort of actor / comedian who would shine or in that arena, or at least fill in a missing gap hahaha :P

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I first saw you in Charlie's Angel's, you were a great villain! Oops, spoiler!

I heard there was going to be a (spiritual?) sequel to 'Moon', can you tell us anything about that?