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According to Islamic law you are required to follow the law of the lands unless it coincides in your worship. For instance, don't rob or hurt others. But if it's against the law to pray. You can break that law but do so in a peaceful manner.

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Hey MK,

Saw your video and really enjoyed it!

What was one of the most shocking things you learned about Joel Osteen's followers that you encountered?

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How did you decide to become a “career coach” and what do you do when someone is in an industry that they’re unhappy in but you don’t know a lot about? Do you specialize in certain disciplines and refer to other coaches who may specialize in an area that you don’t?

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Miss Pizzey thank you so much for this AMA. I may be a little "late" to the party but what advice do you have for a young man who started a non-profit organization to help victims of domestic violence in being successful? It seems like all of my "volunteers" come and go but it's very hard to find people to help more at the administrative and higher up levels.

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Hey Jim-

Big fan and absolutely love your work on PnR.

Question - what’s the most Jerry/Larry/Garry moment that you’ve had in real life?

Thanks again for doing this AMA.