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so deep

edit: daaaaym! somebody just popped my reddit gold cherry! cheers, brah!

we are celebrating here, and my girlfriend just quoted metro man "and i love YOU, random citizen"

my room mate added: "from zero to hero - over night!"

as you see, we are all very excited here ;)

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It is. And it's obvious af that these guys are mostly going for the adventure of their lifetime and not so much to deliver a car. Like thousands participants of the mongolian ralley did before them. And that's perfectly fine. I think it's awesome.

The only weird thing is that they're labeling it as good cause. Probably for the much needed donations that are coming with the new restrictions (car must be newer than 2008, must be a service car, etc.).

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Do you have to wear a hijab or something similar to hide your hair?

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2 weeks? i am far from being a doctor, but that sounds rather long for a potentially fast growing deadly tumor? time sounds like such a crucial factor, that i assume there could ve been done much more if acted faster?

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then you weren't paying attention.

To what? I have no clue. That's why I am asking