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alta901 karma

Several questions after reading through this:

1) One of the things that has struck me about stripping is how unhygienic it appears to be for the stripper what with handling money with your mouth and having a guys face in your cleavage. As a single woman, this is one thing, but does this issue ever concern YOU as a nursing mother (especially with your background in biochem)?

2) Many of the strippers I've spoken with use stripping as a means to finance a degree, and seem to look forward to obtaining that degree so they can get out of the industry. Now that you have your degree, why aren't you more actively seeking seeking out a biochemistry job? In one of your posts you mention that you are 25. Why not begin building the foundations of a scientific career now instead of a "year or two" down the road when your resume will show a year or two long gap between graduation and work with no scientific experience?

Best of luck!!!