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I checked into this...

Mr. Ramsay finds the lamb fucking sauce in the bedroom closest to the barn. Sadly, he still can't locate the fucking lamb sauce.

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You are easily one of my favorite people on Reddit, and I'm sorry about the shit situation you got put into.

I don't really have a question about vacuum cleaners, but I do have a Chevy that's not starting and has a P1400 error code on it. If I wanted to try to fix it myself, is there a site or forum you'd recommend going to?

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I had that song stuck in my head for six months. It finally left, now it's back. I just want you to know that you're a monster and I hope you have a good day

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That's the real reason any of us are here

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What do you do with all your money? The typical stereotype of a dealer is they're loaded, but the people I've hypothetically talked to and have never bought anything from almost always seem strapped for cash, to the point where people who are not me end up getting product on "sale". Or, is that a typical story that buyers get told so they get more product?