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I left my university with a medical withdrawal a couple years back due to some mental health issues. I’m scared to go back and fall back into what caused me to fail (not dealing with my mental health, over stressing, poor sleeping habits). How do you advise someone on completing college after they have already failed once?

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I have type 1 bipolar disorder and I would like to ask how to get rid of the fear that I’ll fall back into another manic episode? It’s been about a year and a half since my last one and I’ve taken my meds on time since and improving other aspects of my health and I am way better than I was back then. However there’s always this lingering thought that one day my brain will go crazy again and then boom another psych ward visit. Any advice would be nice. Thank you.

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Are your last names puns on helping peoples heads not hurt?

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Thanks for the help

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Is there a set standard for diagnosing an eating disorder? Truthfully I think I teeter into that area but I don’t know enough to confirm whether I do or don’t have one.