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I wanted to chime in, As a dad that raised my family (3 children) off grid in the Rockies for 5 years, after living in the concrete jungle of Houston, I dont think people understand the ramifications of making a move like that.
This is a very hard life, not just for the adults but for the kids. When children get hurt/sick as they often do, they are exacerbated by the increased distance to facilities/lack of facilities, among other things.
Kids still have to go to school, and the associated responsibilities, school functions... unless your home schooling Not to mention the isolation: while it can bring a family closer, it can also cause alot of friction...
As my off grid "neighbor" mentioned to me, I give you 5 years...When i asked why? He said " People tend to fall out of love with the idea of off grid living between year 4 and 5"

I dont regret it, but I definitely wouldn't do it again

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Wow, pretty straight forward propaganda, doesn't even try to hide it