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You should start a Gofundme... I’m so sorry that happened to you.

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I was a Fortune 500 executive that took adderall for over 15 years starting in college. I succeeded, then felt some weird massive void in my life when I attained a level past what I set out for myself early on. This turned to harder drugs, meth, and then an absolute total loss of everything I spent decades working for. Do you believe long term adderall usage to be appropriate or should it be less common? I take a lot of kratom now because multiple psych docs wanted to put me on klonopin even after knowing my addictive tendencies. Follow up question would love your take on kratom.

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I really wish that I was rich so that I could contribute enough to make a difference

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What can the average redditor do to try and increase the percentage of the federal budget that is currently allocated towards space exploration?

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Yeah but I used to make enough money to give someone like this at least $50...now I am broke as a joke