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So you started a company with absolutely zero research of the market and your competition?

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My only thing with his is that its international only. I wish he could post some domestic flights in the US. I would be a million times more likely to use them

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No she didn’t. This is the misconception. The popular vote has absolutely nothing to do with the election. They gave her a 70 percent chance of winning the election and she only received 43% of the electoral votes.

Statistics are interesting because you can phrase them to fit a narrative and still be somewhat correct which is what you did. Clinton had 3% more votes total but in no way does that matter in our election. It hasn’t in centuries.

This entire concept is stupid. Giving odds on winning an election is crazy. Every single major prediction said Hilary would win and that it wasn’t even close to a toss up. Everyone uses the last days numbers as well but that’s not the numbers people saw during he entire election cycle. One of the people gave Clinton a 98% chance of winning which is almost a certainty. When Joe Blow sees that article, of course they are going to think it’s a lock. This is why these things are stupid and clickbait. How can someone in July predict an election when they don’t have anywhere near all of the information needed come Election Day.

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Have you ever taken any government assistance? Food stamps, welfare, etc?