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I hate the python version system. It's an absolute mess. Good luck moving your project to some hosting/remote machine/another machine first try. Fuck that.

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Not really a medical question, but information flow from HK is a mess, so I'd like to know what's going on there, how do you feel about it and what you think will happen in the nearest future?

Also, thank you for what you're doing. Human first, i'm truly touched to know that people are willing to help each other however they can. Much support from Armenia, I'd love to see your revolution revolve peacefully as ours did :(

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Hey, thanks for joining! This question is on my mind for quite some time, and here it is:

In Portugal, the legalization of all drugs (decriminalization), and the subsequent investment of the saved money from trying to imprison the addicted people to actually help them, the situation with overdoses, HIVs, and the situation with drug addiction as a whole improved a lot.

I always interpreted that as a proof that helping people in need (criminals, addicts e.t.c.) is a much better way of dealing with that problem then imprisoning them. I'd like to know your opinion on that topic, too. Thanks.

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Here's a question, a bit out of nowhere. Also, they're rock'n'roll, not metal. But still.

"The Massmissile". I've been a fan of that band for a long time, but their online presence is very scarce and mostly in Japanese. Do you know them? And if yes, are they still active, making music, giving concerts?

Thank you kindly.

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I see. Thanks anyway.