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You advocate, based on your findings, a plant based diet. I've read research regarding the low amounts of DHA-EPA found those who practice a plant based diet and vegans who don't supplement with either micro algae oil or fish oil. Because the DHA-EPA is needed for the brain there has been a lot of talk about lowered brain functions of those deficient in it. Any thoughts on this?

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The US is lifting limits on dietary cholesterol. Is this a smart move? In your opinion, is it important to avoid high cholesterol foods?

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Dr Greger,

I've recently been following Dr. Rhonda Patrick, r/rperciav, biochemist who doesn't necessarily share the same views as you but stresses the importance of Omega/EPA/DHA. She states that flax is inadequate, fish oil is the best, and that vegetarians or vegans must supplement at minimum with micro algae oil. Thoughts?

Also, how are you both able to study the same nutrition studies, but come to different conclusions?

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Rich, congrats on the new book! I have one question:

A lot is coming out recently on the importance of dha-epa omegas, and how it's essential to supplement this on a vegan diet. Do you supplement with micro algae? do you not supplement at all? any reasons? I've recently switched from vegan to fish to ensure i'm getting everything, but now i'm not so sure.

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Rich, I looked up Dr Greger's recommendations and he says to supplement 250mg of algae derived DHA daily. Dr Fuhrman recommends similar.