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The thing with half my body being red and sweaty happened to me after a stroke. It was so weird to have such a pronounced difference with no transition. Just a line down the middle od my body with one side pale white and the other bright red. Never knew why it happened.

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When I had a stroke, this was not what I wanted. It's usually much better for the person to have a very calm and sensory simple environment. So basically the exact opposite of an ICU room. I think I would have preferred ear plugs and dark sunglasses.

And this is coming from someone who has ADHD and NEEDS constant brain stimulation usually.

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Not OP, but I personally don't feel confined in my wheelchair. I feel confined without it. Lol But I don't get offended if someone says "confined to a wheelchair." I like the term "wheelchair user" better, but I don't feel strongly about it.

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It never occurred to me that anyone would think otherwise.

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Not OP but wheelchair user. Yes.