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Do you get royalties from the movie? That's kind of a roundabout way to get rich off of robbing an armored truck.

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You goof.. *good


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Are athletes punished for not performing well on the global stage?

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Here are some of the shots for everyone to enjoy and experience the beauty of the DPRK. A self-reliant country in which emphasis on education as it’s main priority is indeed a special country to live in. North Korea may not be your ‘modern’ or ‘wealthy’ country in Western standards, but it is in fact unique in it’s own way and the people are one of the most friendliest I’ve ever met throughout my travels to many places. The country is also extremely clean and I can honestly tell you that it sits next just to Japan in terms of cleanliness. A pure and plastic surgery-free North Korea has one of the most beautiful Korean girls in the world. Put North Korea in your list of exotic destinations to visit

You seem quite pro-North Korea. Was there anything you saw in your travels that didn't sit right or wasotherwise upsetting/unnerving?

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"I volunteer as tribute!"