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alliems16a39 karma

I kind of hope you don't finish your list, because that means it's safe to come out again...

When you reopen, have a COVID-19 jar on the bar instead of a swear jar - every time someone says coronavirus, they have to donate!

alliems16a8 karma

Greetings & diddly-dee potatoes from the other side of the world!

During the enforced downtime, what things from your overflowing inbox will you be tackling? Inventory, menu design, scrubbing the floors? All the fun stuff...

alliems16a3 karma

That's just mean to put that in people's minds without qualification or specificity. Is it long, wavy & brown? Bushy & steel grey?

alliems16a2 karma

I feel this image will fit well with your chosen field and specialty. Gentle woolly giant Hagrid, steely wild Gandalf. Lull you into security, then kablam you with facts & razor sharp insight. Plus little peeky eyes. Most excellent.