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Hi Mr. Malkovich-

Thanks for doing this ama!

One of my favorite SNL episodes of all time is when you hosted at Christmastime in 08 (or 09, I forget) and you read "Twas the night before Christmas." Did you know any of those facts on your own, or were they all fed to you by the writing team?

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Hey Mo- thanks for doing the AMA!

Having seen the tragic story of Kris Jenkins and his injuries, are you/the Jets medical staff taking any special precautions?

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Hey Guys-

I'm in an 8 team league, 18 roster spots, (weird, i know,) and have the first pick in Sunday night's snake draft, so i also have the last pick in all even numbered rounds. The person with the 4th pick/5th in even rounds approached me and asked if I would want to swap all picks. What do you recommend? Unfortunately, with this person it's either swap all the picks or none of them.