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And ultimately will be the death of them. 2 tickets + some food/drinks for the theater cost me $65 last trip.

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What advice would you give to officers who might agree with your views on prohibition but don't have much choice in how they enforce the laws due to politics/local and federal laws?

Can you offer any tips to those who might not want to arrest folks but don't have much leeway in enforcement?

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Anecdotal but every malamute I've played around with had actually been more relaxed and less playful. I've got what I think is a mix maybe in the 75% Siberian husky range (he's 78lbs ) but has the more malamute blocky paws, and he is definitely more relaxed and displays a lot less of the crazy husky traits they are known for.

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Hey I know you've already left but if by chance you do read this, the show is great, it gets a lot of flack for not being as good as the orginal but I think this is because you guys have tried to be so close to the british version which has a lot of history and the hosts have a lot of good chemistry after 18 series. I'd agree with the letting go. Be your own show, you guys are better off for it. Seriously love the work you guys do keep it up. Good luck on the race, I didn't know it was in town but I'll certainly be showing up now.

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Because it's not actually as simple as that. Yes some of it will be produced in the USA. Lots of it will come from other countries and at the point where it's legal and taxable, there is very much a concern with safety.

China makes lots of drugs people use these days (think research chems and acid) and they don't have a history of ensuring their products are safe. While I agree with the sentiment, the devil is in the details. There will have to be a way to regulate the drugs at scale if they are legal. I'm sure the fda doesn't have the resources to do this atm (not that they would be defacto but I think the point is made?)(also not implying this wouldn't be easy, we do it with alcohol pretty damn efficiently)