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I am sorry to hear this. You can have symptoms all year round with allergies. Although many people suffer the most symptoms during the spring and summer, when the trees and grasses pollinate, you can also have a dust mite or animal dander allergy. This can cause symptoms year round. Dust mites are little microscopic creatures that like to live in very humid environments, like bedding and other upholstery. They are especially in high concentrations when it is humid outside, like during the rainy season or winter. Using the allergen encasements for the pillow and mattress, and washing bedding in hot water weekly can be hugely effective. This may help with your symptoms if you have this allergy.

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I would recommend that you discuss with his allergist the best treatment options for him, since I am not his allergist and am not privy to the specific details of his case. If you have not already discussed oral immunotherapy (OIT) with his allergist, you can consider doing that. Here is some additional information on OIT:


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Thanks for asking. My cofounders and I really wanted to make expert allergy care accessible to everyone. There are many parts of the country where there are shortages of specialists, like allergists. We hope that we can make a significant impact in this realm.

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I am so sorry that your allergies are so bad this year! You are definitely not alone. Many people (including myself) are having worsening allergies or even new allergies. Studies have demonstrated that climate change and increasing pollution in the environment has contributed to the worsening and increasing allergies that people are having: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9606573/#:~:text=The%20rising%20incidence%20of%20respiratory,and%20climate%20change%20(1)).

The pollen seasons have been shown to be longer and with higher pollen counts in most areas across the country.

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I am so sorry for your poor wife. I am not sure what she has tried already, but I have found in my own practice that a combination of nasal sprays or a compounded nasal spray (like the Allermi Super Spray) can be very beneficial to people who have significant post nasal drip symptoms. Also, if you have access to an allergy specialist, seeing one and getting allergy testing might also be helpful for her.