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So that's what a million fanboys hearts breaking sounds like? Interesting.

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But the legislature is elected, which elicits the same problem, so this feels like it moves more potential power into private interests and away from the citizens.

Also, isn't this how federal Senators were originally elected and we changed that back to a citizen vote system because the senators were too far removed from the common man?

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I was making great money and decided to change careers for family reasons. The new career paid less. Then the house needed emergency repairs and I had to replace my vehicle and my wife had health problems, and the IRS claimed I owed them a lot of money (I didn't but I did have to hire an attorney), and there was an illegal collection that wiped out our bank accounts (I sued and won back the money they took but not the damage that happened as a result of the seizure). I had 20 years of financial hits in two years time. It was every bit as awful as it sounds and wildly stressful. I learned a lot through that process and one of the biggest takeaways was that I wish I'd been a better steward of my finances when my income was high and I wished I had a better understanding of my finances before it was an emergency. What I went through definitely wasn't normal but life happens. Consider this me begging you to take a little time to figure this out. It can only help.

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Has this been an issue so far? Has this system been changed in the past 50 or so years?

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Who should we vote for that isn't Biden or Trump?