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No. He's a short, non-athletic Jew. And he doesn't like sports. He's more of a comedian type.

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Of COURSE Jesus can fly!!

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May I say something to you? You don't have to get A's in school to be a good person and make a life worth living. You sound like an incredible person. Having all these people die, and living with your grandfather, who sounds ill. If you just show up at school and stay away from the gang shit for awhile, I think you'll make it thru this. Ask for help. And don't stop until you get it. The school has the responsibility to find resources for you. You're struggling with thoughts most 15 year olds, most PEOPLE never have to deal with. You're going to get through this. You won't always feel despair.You are a sensitive, smart young man. I'm proud of you. Hugely proud that you actually reached out. Hang on. You're going to find people who will help you.