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What therapy do you suggest for a crippling video game addiction? Jokes aside… I’m having a really hard time understanding how playing Fortnite could help with anything

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Are there any long term consequences of using melatonin and/or Benadryl regularly to sleep through the night? What other sleep aids might be worth exploring when it feels like all non-medicinal interventions (regular sleep patterns, avoiding screens, cool showers, etc.) have been exhausted. Are there any healthy sleep habits that you would recommend that are not common knowledge, that maybe wouldn’t occur to someone who has explored this subject?

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I appreciate you responding thoughtfully to my question even though I was a snarky. I respect efforts to explore unconventional and novel therapies for a range of issues. Perhaps using online tools is necessary in a pandemic world but I would think in-person therapies for team and communication skills to be far more effective.

I have many friends that are parents struggling to get their children off video games. I have felt the addictive pull of them myself. They offer a kind of stimulation that makes boredom far less tolerable. There is a lot of discussion about the toxicity of many game communities. I think this stems from the lack of many social pressures when one is anonymous and isolated in their rooms. I can’t help but wonder if the bad out ways the good with these therapies? Is there any research to support the efficacy of your approach?

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Thank you for your reply. Can you speak more to the long term consequences of using these kind of sleep aids on a regular basis? If sleep issues cannot be avoided by non-pharmacological approaches then it might seem like the long term consequences of lack of sleep might be more significant?

Also, what do you know about the ways in which cannabis consumption affects sleep. I have personally felt less rested in the past after consuming cannabis but I know many others who use it as a sleep aid, perhaps because it calms their nervous system.

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Thank you for your thoughtful response!