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I was happier wishing I could be like him when things were tough for me.

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Sikh here.. its not as bad as you describe it. If there aren't sons able, its perfectly ok. My mom lives with my sister right now.. its just how things are..

and its changing because a lot of parents prefer older daughters than sons..

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Thank you for making junior high bearable for me! I got to escape to a world that I wish could be made into film today.

I wish the TV show had been more like the books, but it may have been too dark. I think it would have been a lot more successful though.

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good on you. baptism in Sikhi is a choice and is chosen by people that are able.. not something you do to children against their will.

I am an orthodox Sikh and I am leaving it up to my daughter to choose when she is old enough.

Besides, it is clear your wife isn't baptised so it would be a bit hard for you to take your children into a ceremony to be baptised.