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Here is a big one. When people get a low amount of sleep (like 4-5 hours) for a long time, they think they've gotten used to it, and don't need the usual amount. It is true, that they don't feel as sleepy as they used to. And as far as feeling sleepiness goes, it is true. For example, if someone who normally gets 8 hours of sleep drops to 4 hours, they will feel pretty tired / miserable for a week or two. But after more time, they won't notice sleepiness. So they start to think they've trained themselves. But, that simply has to do with how they feel (feeling sleepy). Being sleepy is different. Being sleepy means your brain isn't working as fast as it used to. So there have been studies on this. They would take 8 hour sleepers and train them to 4 hours. Even after they felt like they were trained (not feeling sleepy), when they would do performance tasks, they were as delayed as they were in their first week. Get those 7-9 hours of sleep!

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I've had a few patients with exploding head syndrome. At first, I didn't believe it could be a real diagnosis, because it is such a dramatic title. It happens when at sleep onset, the moment of transitioning from wake to sleep, there is a loud bang heard in your head (usually painless). It usually is pretty scary and makes people afraid to go to sleep at night. The good news is that it is treatable with medication. Polyphasic sleep is super interesting, but almost no one has been able to do it for several years at a time.

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I had some patients who became so successful they retired early, and could do whatever they wanted to do. Whenever the wanted. So their schedules became highly variable, and they felt more tired than ever. They would be former executive or entrepreneurs who used to work 60+ hours a week but feel full of energy during the day, but after "retirement" would hardly work, sleep more hours, and feel more tired. It was a sleep timing problem, and since the brain craves routine for good sleep, the solution was to wake and sleep about the same time everyday. This was for the purposes of feeling good during the day. Try a 2 week experiment and see how you feel. Feel better!

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Sure, it isn't that common, but it can be life changing. I had a patient who had a prestigious job and all of a sudden one night, right as she was falling asleep, heard a loud bang. She was pretty sure it was inside her head. She panicked because she was sure it was a brain aneurysm and rushed to the hospital. The hospital did a CT scan and other test, all normal. She went to sleep the next night and it happened again. And then every night for a month. While there was no pain, she was so anxious she hardly slept. And quit her job. That was my first patient with exploding head syndrome. BTW: they definitely need a better name for this!

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If you were my patient I would want to give you the most bang for your buck so let me comment on your entire routine.

Overall: The good thing is you are hitting several keys of longevity found in Blue Zones.

Homecooking- Love this, eating whole foods one of the keys to longevity. Do this for every meal if you can.

Cheese with fruit- One of my guilty pleasures, but cheese can have high levels of saturated fat. I'd say do this in moderation.

Hookah- Hookah is just as bad as smoking (sorry everyone) so cut this to zero.

Beer- In moderation, unless you are gluten sensitive, then sorry to say its only gluten free beer for you… They really do make this stuff!!

Wine- Daily mild-moderate alcohol consumption is one of the things observed in many of the blue zones. Although its clearly not necessary as most Adventists abstain. A wine called cannonau is consumed in Sardinia that has a high concentration of flavonoids (A powerful category of antioxidant).

Sex- Great workout and a key to long lasting health.

Sun- Use proper sun protection, but many people are vitamin D deficient.

Being at work- If you are doing something that fulfills you and makes you feel good and accomplished this is great.

Gardening- Great to do with beer and sun. Arguing on the internet- Stress detracts from well-being so why seek conflict?

Dungeons & dragons- Social connection and community are huge drivers of having a long life.

Hope this helps!! Smile and have fun, it will add years to your life and life to your years as they say!