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Yes. But asking for it or hinting about it definitely doesn't help your odds.

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I'd rather not name names. It is probably ones that you don't expect.

There are folks on the site which take joy in spending as much time and resources as possible to cause as much real-world damage as possible. It is an unending struggle to keep them at bay. I'm not going to name those folks, as doing so would only feed them.

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What is the biggest "Oh shit" moment you can think of that you had to deal with in regards to reddit?

  1. "The president is unable to access the site."

  2. "We're requiring all employees to move to San Francisco."

Also, can you describe reddit in 2011 in 5 or less words?

Hanging on by a thread.

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I'm having trouble finding the thread now, but there was a post after the earthquake in Japan where someone was worried about their grandmother (maybe mother?). Someone in the thread indicated he lived nearby, and he went to check on her and brought her some food.

Can't find that thread.. someone help me out here :P

Edit: /u/hoikarnage found it here. Followup thread is here. Thanks!