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Hello! I was going to do GISHWHES last year but I dropped the ball and didn't register in time. Definitely participating this year! I was wondering, though, how exactly does the idea of having a team spread out all over world work? Logistically anyway...Google translate and everyone just takes pictures by themselves?

Also, I'm having trouble convincing my friends to join me and make a team; they just don't seem that interested. How can I get them excited for the scavenger hunt?

And I just want to say, I've loved seeing you on Supernatural and outside of the show over the last few years. Looking forward to next season (and the next Cooking Fast and Fresh with West episode) already!

Thank you!

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No excuses for this year! It was last year that I missed out. Thanks for answering!

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Hello! Congratulations on your Emmy nomination! Looking online, it seems like this is your first really major role you’ve had in your career. How, for better or for worse, has your and the show’s success affected you personally?

Also, when is your birthday? Wikipedia doesn’t even know what year it is!