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25 is only slightly late to be starting University. A bit awkward maybe (although as a model I'm sure you can pass as 18 when you want) but by the time you graduate it won't matter. So I'd think if you wanted to get back on a "normal" career track you'd be well set up for it (better than if you waited till 30+ to retire). Although staying in HK might limit your options.

You'll graduate at 29th but lots of people are around there when they graduate their master's - they have an extra degree, but even less work experience than you.

Ideally try to find a degree program that features internships, they're great for getting actual work experience as part of your formal education.

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20 years on.

Good lord has it been that long already T_T

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Our culture is to blame for making sex taboo :/

The only things negative about sex are the risk of disease and the risk of pregnancy, but we make it seem like so much more serious.

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As a young male, I freak the fuck out if alone with kids, not because I'm averse to kids, but because I'm alone with a child and there's no one to witness that I'm not harming it.

If I can't prove I didn't do anything bad, how will people know I didn't do anything bad o.o

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Uphugs for all!