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I have always been fascinated with elephants, they seem so gentle and friendly to me. Have you developed any ‘friendships’ with the elephants you have studied?

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I'm in Orlando, but I can see myself making the day trip out to Naples to visit. Do you guys do scheduled visits/tours like some of the other sanctuaries in the area, or should we sign up to volunteer for a day? Wouldn't mind putting a little work in at all. :)

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Sweet! I wasn't aware of that sanctuary, we'll definitely check them out too. Thanks for replying :)

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How're the shilldren? Also, favourite element?

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I'm wondering how the victims can ever recover here. If they were already struggling with mental illness, now there's surely PTSD on top of it and any sort of mental health treatment center or doctor will be a trigger...have you followed what happened to people after?