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What languages do you speak and how often are you hindered by language barriers and how do you solve those problems?

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Hello Mr. Handler! I am a great fan of your style of writing. The Series of Unfortunate Events was one of my favorite series growing up! I wanted to ask you not about writing though but about your accordion playing. I absolutely adore playing accordion too, especially Klezmer music and French musettes. What are some of your favorite pieces to play on accordion? How did you get started playing it, and what inspired you to use it in your presentations?

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I am so inspired by you guys! Last year in college I went inside a random classroom dressed in a white tux with my accordion, and just burst into song. I didn't know the teacher or anyone in the class - I just wanted to give the people in the class the weirdest, most interesting an surreal experience they ever had. I absolutely adore doing stuff like that, but my question is this - when you guys first started, how did you find other like-minded people to participate? Obviously it must have gotten easier as time went on. I'm extremely introverted so it's hard for me to just go up to someone and say something like, "Hey, let's find ten people and walk around campus in purple robes, holding candles with one hand, and a coffin with the other, staring at people as they walk by."

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What is the alternative for workers there? In other words, is the main reason they're working there because if they didn't, they would be earning even less?

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Wow that's fascinating how you're also related to Arnold Schoenberg. He was a pretty controversial composer! Do you also partake in classical music? Do you like your grandfather's music??