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What are your thoughts on the repairability of future electric cars and autonomous vehicles?

I'll add a copy of the message I sent before I knew you were doing an AMA:

"Just saw your new video and it made me realize that car repair will soon change drastically. Up to now almost every car has functioned on the basic principles from the invention of the car, they have changed, but only gradually. But what will happen to all these unlicensed car mechanics when society transitions to almost exclusively electric cars and/or autonomous vehicles? Will companies like Tesla for example release plans and schematics showing how their cars work? Or will they lock down their resources like Apple, making it increasingly difficult to repair cars? I really hope we don't get to a point in the future where people will not even be able to know how the things they use work."

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Why not round up to 18,800, or 19,000 or even a nice 20,000 drawings? You don't have OCD do you?

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Why did you create this game? Was the fact that the new Sim City was so disappointing and lacked many features wanted by the community the only reason? Did you start making it thinking "Lets make this game what Sim City should have been" or did you just want to make your own version of this type of games regardless of what Sim City had or didnt have?

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Why is there no mention at all about Minecraft Pocket Edition (either the iOS app or the one for Sony Xperia Play) in the documentary?

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Hi Mare + Raigan. What was the hardest thing to accomplish in the past 10 years of N development from a technical perspective. ie. what was the hardest, most challenging thing to program.

Also, if I remember correctly, you've said before there won't be any N+++, but do you plan on eventually adding new things to N++, like enemies or other objects?

Thanks for making an amazing game <3