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If you're a hot sauce fan, can we expect you to appear on "Hot Ones"? It's a YouTube show where celebrities get interviewed while eating increasingly hotter chicken wings. If you make it through their whole gauntlet of wings, you get 30 seconds to pitch whatever you want to the camera.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/FirstWeFeast

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A hard working artist who chooses to view that sort of an insane hit as "winning the lottery" (which it really kind of is), instead of complaining about how it overshadowed or typecast their music. You sir are officially my favorite musical artist. Seems like you just enjoy rocking out, and happen to get a nice paycheck in the process.

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In a lot of ways, you literally wrote the soundtrack to my childhood. So thanks for that. Two questions:

Do you have any involvement with the new film, like possibly doing a remix of the theme song?

I'm not sure if you're at liberty to discuss, or would want to discuss, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the whole "Huey Lewis" controversy with your awesome theme.

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So something that will have absolutely no affect on violent crime (most mass shooters obtain their guns through legal means, and criminals won’t), and a contradictory statement (stripping away someone’s constitutional rights when they haven’t committed a crime, but pretending that it follows due process).

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Seems like an area for negotiation. You're paying $.01 and then paying $.40 to mail it to me. Make it $.20, and I'll accept it as a direct deposit. They save $.20, you make an extra $.19. Straight up gold mine.