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Also concerning brand history, what's the story behind the distinctive wrap on your bottles?

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My MtF friend says she does have orgasms, but that they're more like "guy orgasms," in that they are shorter and more localized than female orgasms typically are.

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And yet it's the right that believes our military can never be large enough.

I've never understood why personal freedom is seen as an issue owned by either side. We should all be united in limiting government intervention in our lives, yet the far right wants to control people's sex lives and the far left wants to take our guns. Me, I want ALL my constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms.

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I tried that club, wasn't for me. I believe in rights for humans, not companies. "Free market" is as pie-in-the-sky as socialism.

For some reason, there is no party for my gun-loving, save-the-planet, treat-everyone-fairly self.

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Wait, now I'm confused. The militarization of police forces is seen as part of a liberal agenda? (I don't know how it could appeal to anybody on either side of the political aisle, really.)