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you just made a vacation here

You're from the German speaking part der Schweiz, aren't you?

Edit: I tried to show off that I knew a bit of German and dun goofed :(

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In most countries being gay actually makes the whole system a lot harder; age of consent seems to be almost universally 18 for 'sodomy' due to homophobic and archaic laws. Even illegal in some countries altogether!

Being a lesbian tends to be a decent loophole because the holy books seem to skip over it, but yeah the only safe bet for anyone is go for older guys or check more than one ID...

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Do you worry at all about how this may affect the lives of farmers in say, 30 years, when the technology is mastered and they're forced out of job?

On a contrasting note, will you be able to create other in vitro food stuffs? For example, as well as meat, would it be possible to have lab created milk?

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I'm an Englishman working in Germany, I'm normally blind to it too in fairness!

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I was told to stick doing ICT in school (whatever the equivalent of Al levels is?) because "it's basically the same as computing". That would have jeopardised me even making it in to university, let alone any work after!