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You, Reddit, have the power to help us.

No, it doesn't. :-(

Russia broke it, and yet US and EU are hesitant to help.

Their citizens aren't up for another war.

Help us by reminding your senators about it, because we think they have forgotten.

You folks have to help yourselves first. Your police were willing and able to attack their fellow citizens and the citizenry were eager to attack the police. Now that there's 30 Russians here and 30 Russians there, you're hiding under your bed, allowing them to fly into your country (giving the Il-76es permission to land and refuse to submit to customs inspection, etc.), leaving your guard posts surrounded, not taking back the occupied buildings, etc.

Your country downsized its inherited military and hardware, but you still have one. USE IT. If Putin claims these people aren't his, then he won't mind if they're put into body bags, will he? Take out the commandos surrounding your guard post, take back the airports, take back the buildings, THEN ask other people to back you up. Britain and U.S. have had too many experiences lately with countries who don't want to fight for their own freedom and want others to do it all for them. You stood up to your fellow Ukrainians... you can take out 60 Russians and a few APCs.

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How did you support yourselves financially?

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It's hard to believe that in 5 months the company established itself and "e technology industry and a gap in the market for my skills. So I decided to take a risk and left to start my own company. We have now worked with companies such as EA on their banner campaign for the Star Wars: Battlefront game, created a series of games for Sky, and worked with Toyota, Fitbit, and HSBC". It's also hard to believe there's enough money lying around to pay 9 employees and rent an office.

When a friend of mine quit his job, his previous employer's last client asked him to finish the job he was doing for them. I helped him for free on evenings and weekends and left my own job at the same company about three months later. Five months in he was dipping into his retirement savings to provide the funds we needed to buy some hardware/software, and I was cashing in old savings bonds to pay the rent. We still had one client, and I worked for two years at below-minimum wage salary (classified as an independent contractor to get away with it) to keep things afloat. It wasn't until 3.5 years in that things really started to turn around.

This story is hard to swallow unless they were sitting on a million-dollar inheritance or something.

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How did you live with no income for a year and a half? What kind of capital did you feel was necessary to develop a website that you needed to sell your car? Why did you quit BEFORE your business was up and running? 80-something percent of new businesses fail. What will you do if you don't beat the odds?

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People will pay you to go to school? In America?