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Broad and a little off-topic, but what do you make of the possibility of prosecution of Jan Boehmermann for criticizing Erdogan? Does that have a chilling effect on your work at all?

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  1. Why don't you delineate between numbers-centric wonkism and editorializing? For instance, you've had pieces on The Bachelorette and how PC culture doesn't exist, but the majority of your work is straight-up wonk, without noting which is which. Do you worry editorializing will affect people's perception of your non-editorial work?

  2. What do you make of Joe Nocera's criticism about "9 facts about farts?"

  3. Are you concerned with reporting the results of studies without putting them in context, particularly in light of the current glut of research about the problems with studies, and the selective reporting of studies (John Ioannidis etc)? Do you run the risk of turning qualified, uncertain studies into soundbites or clickbait?

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According to Chait, Klein's response in the past has been that if it attracts attention, it has value by definition - see this article

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Hi Adam. I read your comments about worrying about security in light of the Azerbaijani government's tendency to follow journalists closely, and obviously, journalists get a lot of unkind comments when they offend the MAGA crowd. Has there been any blowback after the article?

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I just wanted to say that as much as I was excited about Vox - holy shit, Yglesias and Klein! - I've found myself visiting y'all less and less by virtue of what seems like clickbait and unsubstantiated, dogmatic editorializing. Kind of like y'all are falling victim to the red delicious apple problem. But I appreciate this answer and doing the AMA.