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Can Congress strip the FCC of its power to reclassify ISPs (or any entity) under Title II, making this good news moot?

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The future is long. Friendly, lame duck presidents' remaining terms are not.

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Since I have little trust in the current Congress and its ability to enact legislation that will support net neutrality, it seems like the tough job now is for us to let Congress know in no uncertain terms that their opposition to net neutrality is unacceptable and that they will be held accountable at the ballot box. Anything else we can hold over them? EDIT: Besides the presidential veto?

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I think that some of our confusion about interconnect fees come from learning that Netflix is-being/has-been strong armed charged for these or be throttled at that network stage. If these fees are for internetwork connections at the physical layer, doesn't Netflix already pay someone for that part of infrastructure services? Why are they footing the bill? ...or is that the whole point of enacting robust net neutrality rules: To outlaw those kinds of fees or limit the negotiation for interconnect fees to be between the actual infrastructure providers?

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Thank you. This is an excellent point which lots of us blow off as ineffective or something that our level of understanding of these complex issues disqualifies us from doing effectively.