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Are you an Alaskan citizen? IF so what city? Im currently sitting in Central Middle schoolin anchorage AK,

How did you survive the attack? Did you have to fight? Did it work? What would you tell other people to do in case they ever are attacked? I work out at camp carlquist, and I have for the past 10 years. Ive had a ton of run ins with bears, but thankfully they were more interested in running away form us than attacking. Would you recommend people carry a gun, or mace? both?

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How truley out of touch do you feel is the average western person about the general nature of all the turmoil in the middle east? Are we? or do we generally have a good idea of the cuases, concerns, motives, and sociopolitical influences in the regions.

How much does religion play into these types of conflict? Is it s truley motivating factor, or an excuse used for power grabs?

How much would your average American civilian relate to the average Syrian civilian? Ive always been under the impression that The average citizen around the world in much the same, they want to be left alone, don't really want to harm anyone, and just want to be able to provide for family and friends, is this assumption correct?

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Would you ever consider arming yourself in these zones? Do you?

How does photojournalism code of ethics dictate a photographer react to direct threats against his/her safety, or innocents around them?

In the movie "We were soldiers Once...and young." Joesph Galloway is portrayed as picking up an rifle to fight against the north Vietnamese during particularly brutal combat. Is this realistic? Id assume the general sense is to avoid being put into this scenario foremost, so assuming that wasn't an option, what would one do?

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My grandmother died of Kroutsfeld Jakobs (Mad Cow) disease, One of 300 deaths that year. In the book, Deadly Feast, The author suggests that America has the potential to reach an epidemic like level of infections because of the way we processes meat in the country. I figured that this is the worst case scenario, and that the author was writing a sort of panic mongering. In your field, what is the general assumption about the danger twords humans? Is it really true that we risk pandemic levels? IS most of our meat actually infected?

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Yeah, my grandmother was in Europe during the Mad Cow panic in the 1980s, and we assume thats when she got it. What blows my mind is how long it can remain dormant before showing signs. For example if she got it in the 80s, she didnt die from it till 2006. Thats mind blowing to me. Furthermore its scares me taht I could in theory have it, and wouldnt know till much later.