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I think of these "reboots" as taking the core essence of stories and updating the cultural framework to fit a newer generation. If the old stories aren't updated, the newer generation will never get to enjoy them.

Think of it this way, do you think Christopher Nolan's retelling of Batman is a good or bad thing? Will the 16-25 year olds of today sit through the Adam West batman?

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Absolutely. I'm 36 and I still love this show. :) In fact, Donnie is awesome in this show. Check out S01E07 to see him in action.

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Mikey. He is funny but he is also a bad ass. He sees thing differently than all the other turtles.

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I am a cowabooya kinda guy. hmm, that's actually kind of catchy...

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Splinter. I will die with honor.