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Is there a particular way/site that you think is best for showing clips, etc? Or does it matter, as long as you have them?

What kind of dog is Ellie?

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I have the same question ...

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My husband's nephews are 25 and 27, and they play World of Warcraft all night long -- they are up all night playing and sleep all day. Neither has gone to college. Neither has a job. They are living off of their widowed senior citizen mother. To what extent is this sad situation the fault of the video games? They have been playing them for many years.

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Have medical professionals gotten away from labeling suicidal children as having Oppositional Defiant Disorder? I was labeled with this when suicidal in my early teens in the 80s. The treatment did not help, in fact it fueled my abusive mother and stepfather (who were likely the reason I was depressed). My pdoc says ODD was way off the mark, but that most kids struggling with mental illness were wrongly labeled with ODD back then. I hope this isn't still going on? It seems downright abusive given the treatment I was given, and how I wasn't treated for the depression that should have seemed obvious.