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Hi Julie. As a Canadian who's been trying to find an apartment ( not even a home, I've already been well-priced out of that option) for 8 months now, and in light of what even the big 5 banks are referring to as a problematic situation, how can your government expect Canadians to continue to believe you have our interests at heart while continuing to keeps it's head in the sand about this systemic issue?

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I appreciate your response, particularly for not simplying stating it's a provincial issue. Given that I can't even find a unit that is less than 60%of my monthly income, I certainly would appreciate you continuing to press the issue within your government.

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It's sad to see such a bitter, bitter person project onto others. Just sad. Hopefully you can find help to overcome your issues, friend.

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Do get well, friend.

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If you have a legit question, perhaps you can get Donald's dick out of your mouth long enough to ask it, having got that out of your system.