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Do you think people are more inclined to listen to a straight person's lived LGBT experience, then to LGBT people's realties? Do you have any reservations about being lauded for experiencing discrimination?

al-smithee28 karma

I agree with what you said, they'll move on soon enough from the gays, but I think trans folks will be the new focus. Who knows though we're very in right now. Whomever becomes the new scapegoat we'll have to maintain solidarity with. It's really a shame, I love a good smitey Old Testament God as much as the next Catholic, but I'm pretty sure our New Testament Savior did not have this in mind. If we looked at how he interacted with the pariahs of his age he was explicit in his words and actions: Be among them do unto them. He surrounded himself with them.

I view myself more as a disciple of Christ then a Christian. I want to follow his lead and reflect it in the work I do. I'm a LGBT community organizer, and feel the work is part of my mission. So many of my community are harmed by the church I don't typically share my motivation. Then again if you do good works only to have them recognized as such then you've clearly missed the point. Good for you walking the walk, I hope that your experience doesn't get used to further other people's agenda. Though, I guess if it does it will be the one part of living as LGBT that no one can truly walk away from. Congratulations on your pending nuptials.

As a postscript: I thought you'd like to know that the word compassion comes from the Late Latin word compati which means to suffer along with.