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As someone who is about to raise a donor-conceived daughter in a few months (wife is 5 months along) is there any advice you can give me?

I keep coming back to the fear that I’ll eventually just seem like a stranger or imposter once she’s old enough to understand that we’re not related and that our family is different than most.

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caffeine inhibits brain development in youth

Oh wow. Do you have a source for this. I'm curious to know what could cause that

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Are you aware of any research being done to address the massive male infertility issues that already exist and that are also on the rise?https://www.reddit.com/r/maleinfertility/comments/8ifhzz/list_of_sciencedaily_headlines_related_to_male/

Is there any chance of this drug finding it's way into the public's water supply? Also, has there been any research done to see how this affects the DNA integrity of newly developed sperm after one discontinues the contraceptive? Also, how would this affect future offspring?