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It’s a place where literally all the most fucked up things related to drug dealing and addiction - stuff most people think happens behind closed doors in seedy motels or abandoned houses - all happens right out in the open publicly in the streets. And on a massive scale. Needles and trash everywhere. People ODing and dying right on the sidewalk, while other junkies just ignore and step over them. Homicides. Obvious prostitution of the new, youngest female addicts by their abusive violent fucked up pimps. Long lines of people literally lined down the block waiting for the dealers to serve them in plain sight. And the cops couldn’t give less of a fuck. Not their community - not their problem. It really is one of, if not the absolute most fucked up place in America. Truly disgusting that a country with as much resources as we have just completely turns its back on the communities that need help the most.

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Kensington is hell on earth at a level most average people in America just can’t comprehend.

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Well they did used to be nice areas when they were first named lol