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What’s the feeling among South Koreans right now? How’s it impacting their political environment? Thanks!

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What's it like covering a story with national news interest, such as the Dallas ambush, where you're responsible for informing both the residents of your city and the greater public?

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Hi Charlie, do you work with a team on site to capture photos that are so close to the animals? Agree, otters are the best. Thanks!

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Hi! Thanks for doing this. Any advice for people who don't work in the most creative fields to be more creative at their work or life? Think your jobs sound amazing.

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Were there life things, not even specifically about relationships, that talking to these couple made you question? I really enjoyed this piece -- it didn't make me think this is a thing I want to do but made me question how much I'm tied to social constructs even if I think I'm not. Also, what was the process like to source these couples and convince them to do it, and to not change their minds about working with you?