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Why did it take so long for the drug companies to put ibuprofen and paracetamol in the same pill?

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Hi Phil. Thanks for doing this AMA.

I’ve recently joined Aussie after increasingly poor customer service and quality from another ISP.

Since joining Aussie, I have had two service issues and otherwise great service, with consistent speeds very close to the mark. Both issues were not only resolved promptly, but the cause of the issue and it’s resolution were explained to me by your CS team. As someone with a bit of IT knowledge and curiosity, I really appreciated these responses and they made for a very good CS experience. Although i can imagine the average customer wouldn’t care much for the explanation, I’m sure they’d appreciate the deviation from a boilerplate response.

Has this approach always been taken at Aussie (and if so, what is your take on the rationale behind it), or did I just get lucky with some interested CSOs/technicians?

Thanks for your hard work. I was referred myself and have since referred two of my friends.

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Many of my fluent EAL friends make these exact errors. They’re quite infrequent, but consistent.

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I don’t see how that’s relevant. Drug safety is about context - paracetamol may well be as dangerous to someone with compromised liver function as ibuprofen is to someone on blood thinners.

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Hungry Jacks often have free refill stands.