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I really appreciated your caveat about the level of Kim Jong Un's thoughtfulness and contemplativeness. It made me wonder about how governed he is by other people's desires (ie; military leaders etc). I think age plays a huge part in people's decision-making abilities and given that he's most likely somewhere in his thirties, that could influence some of his choices or who he listens to. I don't think many people could say that they had it entirely together in their thirties.

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But do you think that social media had a large part to play in spreading that panic? I feel the response has been heavy handed, particularly when other pandemics have had less rigorous responses. Is this because we are quicker to act in the interest of preservation, or quicker to panic because of information overload?

PS. I fully intend to buy your book, and here's another question but related to that: did Amaryllis Fox's book influence your decision to write your own?

edit: *feels heavy handed comparison to other pandemics