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The original Julia goal was to have the speed of C and the simplicity of Python. To what extent have these goals been achieved, in your opinion?

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My guess is that like with other languages - and most software - the newer features will expose the innards of Julia more and more.

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What if your name were changed to Lick Neeson?

Would you feel closer to Liam Nielsen?

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If you see this, what are your thoughts on these unsolicited suggestions?

1) At least one building should be left to its old-timey state. This will make people appreciate the sheer difference of luxury and the efforts a typical business goes to to provide comforts. Plus it can be a starting point for conversations - leading to merchandise sail sale from those periods

2) Try reverse psychology in terms of tourism marketing.

Quietly (= low budget) market it as a place for writers, artists, for people recovering (from tragedies, rehab, whatever). Skip the regular-tourist advertising 100%

3) Look into hydroponics

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1) Fantastic

2) Maybe vibe a 'for regular joe rather than executives' indirectly into the marketing-writes .... to make sure young execs drop in! .... But maybe I am now over-thinking

3) Hydroponics basically is agriculture under a greenhouse, replacing soil / sunlight, etc. with their technological equivalents (Coco peat, special lights that mimic sunlight wavelengths, etc.). I am a software engineer btw so this is not a self-promo stuff

This means the set-up cost is high (=Cons), so you generally go with high value crops only == Bye potatoes; hello strawberries / cranberries / micro-greens.

Pros: Needs only 5 to 10% water compared to open field agriculture; yield is typically 10 times of open field; a decent hydroponic setup will last 25 years; production is pretty much throughout the year - unless for example the heating costs are so high when it snows that it makes more sense to shutdown production in winter.

Does need a hydroponic engineer which are not easy to find

Alternatively, you can ditch hydroponics and replace it with a home-wine-brew alternative at the rooms