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What do you recommend smaller symphonies and choral groups (we're in Alaska) do to cultivate and try to grow the culture during the pandemic?

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Why use your app as opposed to MyData Helps app for COVID data?

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You're asking a fair question but remember, he was a translator, not interrogator. I managed almost 200 translators from a lot of countries during a tour in Iraq. All they did was move information from 1 language to another, nothing else. They're a necessary cog in the wheel but not the engine that drives it.

He also, almost certainly, signed an NDA that lasts almost forever. The feds are VERY conscious about enforcing that. In fact, as I recall, Obama's presidency was ruthless in enforcing NDAs and I can only imaging it has continued under the current regime.

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Never heard of it, I will check it out.

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Distance is everything, singers are projecting 10 feet (mad skills).

In our PAC they calculated they would go from 3000 seats to 250 to enforce a 6 foot distance.

I so appreciate the efforts musician's, singers, and other entertainers are doing to make life bearable during the pandemic

I'm going to bring up the idea of an outdoor concert to our conductor, regrettably we can only do the a few months a year because of the cold